Two Kachins Killed, Three Wounded in Hpakant Mortar Attack

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Local sources claim 20 soldiers were killed and two CDF members were injured in clashes in Hakha's Bungzung area, while an additional 20 more soldiers and four CDF members were also killed, along with three CDF members who were injured, amid fighting in the Wai Bu La area of Falam. Police targeted in explosive attack, Hpakant. The security

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Read Titusville Herald Newspaper Archives, Nov 9, 1944, p. 6 with family history and genealogy records from titusville, pennsylvania 1865-2020.

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For the former, A-2 and A-3 were responsible for joint planning with the task force G-2 and G-3. The latter two chose the targets, while the air staff "planned the attack, determined the number and type of aircraft to be used, the types of bombs, the techniques of attack, the selection of the units . .

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Damascus, Nov. 28, IRNA – A civilian was killed and three others were injured in mortar attack on Saturday on Bab Touma neighborhood in Damascus. According to SANA news agency, terrorists positioned in the farms of Eastern Ghouta fired a mortar round that fell on a main street in the neighborhood, leaving a civilian dead, Damascus Police

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Civilian killed and 28 more, including three SF personnel, injured in a grenade attack by suspected ULFA terrorists near Mayapuri cinema in Bongaigaon. June 23: Two ULFA terrorists, one SF personnel killed in Subansiri-encounter, Nalbari district.

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By Feb. 7 th six actions had been fought (Feb. 1 st, 2 nd, 3 rd, 4 th, 6 th, and 7 th) in which 109 Japanese had been killed, 31 wounded and 42 POW - later evacuated (Operation Cheetah Report). By the end of February, Richard's men had despatched even more Japanese and wounded dozens of others.

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Two sons and a grandson of a Christian couple who run the orphanage in their home were among those killed, but police arrested the family, alleging they had detonated it, the news agency reported. The attacks left civilians in Kachin, where an estimated 90 percent of the 1.2 million people are Christians, “terrified,” the journalist said.

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Title: Two women and one man killed, 70-year-old woman wounded, and four men tortured as Burma Army attacks villages in Kachin State Description: KEY DEVELOPMENTS: Burma Army Infantry Battalion (IB) 105, commanded by Major Moe Kyaw, stabbed and shot three villagers to death, shot a 70-year-old woman and tortured four villagers in Mun Si

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The Kachins, a Burmese tribe, knew him as "Urgu" -- their Holy Man, chief and river god, tall with a lined face, bronzed skin, a mop of snow-white hair, and no memory of any past. Ted and Don were the only two men ever to escape from "Death Valley," the dreaded Japanese labour camp, where men died by inches under the blazing sun and the whips

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1. WAR IN THE NORTH. Police Killed in Kachin Rocket Attack Democratic Voice of Burma. Aug. 3, 2011. Up to six policemen and two civilians were killed in southern Kachin state yesterday evening after their vehicle was hit by an RPG as it returned from the

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The local resident said, “two army officers and two soldiers were killed on the spot.” 3/7/21 @KachinNewsGroup Jaw Tu Hkawng on Twitter: “The Kachin Independence Army (KIA) and People Defence Force-Sagaing joined forces to attack the military council within 24 hours in three parts of Sagaing division.

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While the 2d Battalion moved north to fix the Japanese in position, the 1st Battalion, preceded by an extensive artillery and mortar barrage, struck from the south, eventually clearing that portion of the ridge of all enemy defenders at a cost of 2 killed and 15 wounded. But by this time, most of the Japanese had escaped to the south.

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On the weekend, insurgents from the Ta'ang National Liberation Army killed 19 people, including four members of the security forces, in an attack on the outskirts of border town of Muse.

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Kachin Myenmar,china,india.Jade from kahinland is best in the world.kachin army KIA/KIO.kachin history.

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The KIA later raided the Tatmadaw's Battalion 86 military base in Hpakant Township on 6 April 2018, killing eight government soldiers and capturing 13. By 10 April 2018, locals claimed that 18 Tatmadaw soldiers and three KIA insurgents had been killed in the clashes.

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in Security 2 cops killed, 3 wounded in Diala attack. by Hawar Berwani , 4:59 pm. 41

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The airstrikes are likely in response to the Karen forces' attack on a military outpost earlier on Saturday that killed 10—including a lieutenant colonel—and led to the capture of eight others. Fighting in Karen state has increased since late December, when government troops began constructing roads and building camps in violation of a

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The Kachins inhabit the extreme northern part of Burma, extending as far south as the Bhamo and Namkham districts, and east into China. The Kachins are own cousins to the Nagas of the adjacent hill tract of Assam, who call themselves "Singpho." "Kachin" is a name applied to these people by the Burmans.

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Nothing is known of the three police officers who accompanied the minister at the time of the kidnapping. Although no one has been reported killed or wounded so far, thousands of people had to

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Yet Chindit casualties within White City remained relatively small. Two weeks of heavy shelling, for example, killed 20 and wounded 40. The big attacks in mid-April were the enemy’s last throw against White City. The dead on the wire now posed a threat to the Block’s water supply.

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Bill was mentioned in despatches for his efforts during 111 Brigade's brutal engagement with the Japanese at the Chindit stronghold, codenamed Blackpool. After the conclusion of Operation Thursday, Bill Smyly returned to the depot of the 2nd Gurkha Rifles at Dehra Dun and waited for his next posting. Two possibilities came up.